Power torque diagram tutorial

Power torque diagram tutorial


The power torque diagram shows graphical curves¬† of the power throughout the rpm range, combined with the torque throughout the rpm range.  

changing the performance

The performance can be modified in the form, under the 'Performance' label. After the update  click the 'Power' button above the diagram to regenerate the curve. The new curve will appear in red.

Hovering over the graph lines

When you hover over the lines of the graph, rpm and nm or hp will show up, depending on the selected curve. The red line is the altered curve, green is the original.

Labels showing up when hovering


The changed values will appear above the diagram.
When something unusual occurs, a warning will show up. in this case the warning means the power has increased so much, that the engine generates more torque around max hp then at the originally given max nm.

Messages from generated run